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OwnerRez offers an API for Apps that has traditional GET and POST endpoints for communicating with an OwnerRez account on-demand and in real time.

However, our API for Apps is limited to building apps and working within an existing user's account.  It does not handle channel distribution.  For that, we have a special API that allows partners to become a first-class integrated "channel" (like Vrbo, Booking.com, Airbnb, etc.) and promotes them equally with those guys inside of OwnerRez. To be clear, this API should be used if the partner is a channel, OTA or listing site and wishes OwnerRez users to be able to see the partner's "channel" within their account and quickly be able to connect to it.

A partner's API integrated channel does not have to accept all OwnerRez clients. OwnerRez does offer channels that are more specific, such as women-owned properties, and pet-friendly properties but is also open to other possible listing channels, such as professional Property Managed (PM) only channels. OwnerRez assists individual users to determine whether they qualify for API-integrated listing channels.


In order to integrate with OwnerRez as a channel partner, the following requirements must be met:

  • Ability to poll and consume XML listing data.
  • Process integrated bookings via one of these methods:
    1. Send full booking details including credit card details to our OLB (online-booking) endpoint. This option requires that the partner maintain PCI certification.
    2. Send full booking details except for credit card details to our OLB (online-booking) endpoint (e.g. partner is merchant-of-record). This option assumes that the partner will disburse funds to the host or property manager via some other method. Post-booking adjustments to the reservation should be handled between the host or PM and the guest without interference from the partner.
    3. Redirect a prospective guest to a prepared Quote provided by OwnerRez. Payment will be processed through our PCI certified checkout flow.
    4. Send an inquiry email to the host or PM using SMTP headers to describe details.
  • Pass through real guest contact information, including email address and phone number.  Proxy or double-blind email addresses are not allowed.  OwnerRez PMs and homeowners need the ability to manage their guests directly and know that their CRM records are clean and correct.


This API is predominantly based on a feeds structure and is comprised of these parts:

  • Pull XML feeds containing listing content (photos, etc.), rates, rules, and availability, on a regular basis throughout the day.
  • For OLB bookings, perform a "fast availability" check against our live quote and rates API at the last moment before the guest books to get a final quote/availability (this ensures there is no lag time between syncing changes)
  • For OLB bookings, send the booking details to our OLB endpoint, which creates bookings on our side.
  • For non-OLB bookings, partner may use our quote redirect process to send the guest to OwnerRez with a quote to book.
  • Optionally, check the BUS (booking update service) to see if a booking was canceled or get status information from OwnerRez after the booking process is complete.

For monetization the partner has a couple of choices:

  1. Bill the guest's credit card for a service fee prior to sending the booking over to us (which is what Vrbo does)
  2. Don't bill any fees inline, but keep track of bookings that are sent across and then bill the homeowner/PM for the number of bookings they have per month (like Booking.com or HomeToGo does)
  3. Create an annual subscription fee, where the number of bookings is irrelevant.

Ready to go?  Follow our Setup & Configuration article, which covers the steps from getting started through testing.