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Update August 9, 2021


  • Enhanced messaging for duplicate portal users
  • Added support for booking merge fields on quote booked and RA signed form messages
  • Added currency per property setting for QuickBooks Online sync
  • Fixed issue with duplicate invoices being created by QuickBooks Online sync if original invoice was manually deleted
  • Added "on or before" option to PM lock batch update
  • Clarified request payment form instructions and don't allow links
  • Added hosted site copy tool
  • On code refresh, for RemoteLock, check access persons and delete any accesses that aren't currently valid
  • Populate blank company url's from hosted websites if possible
  • Show filename and type on attachments
  • When sending SMS to a guest, attach to that particular guest id rather than looking up by phone
  • Get metadata from Vrbo property status API
  • Use S3 for large objects
  • On guest convo template selection ask "Which booking" if it's unclear