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Update April 11, 2022


  • Handle images that need to be rotated but don't have a file extension
  • Wait to update amounts on cancel until all charges have been modified
  • Map more expense categories
  • Post-release cleanup on expense categories
  • Fix issue when creating first blog post but page already exists
  • Handle Now gaps for bookings ending today
  • Fix QuickBooks Online name match crashing if name is null
  • Disable old Stripe payments and SMS connections without brands
  • Make error message with bad HTML on submit friendly
  • Add "Nights" and "Nights (In Period)" as column options for Statement Views
  • Allow manually setting code for a block on a bookings only lock
  • Fix issue where setting a manual door code does not support "#" character
  • Delete door codes when moving to a property without configured locks
  • Reuse manual door code when moving properties
  • Create separate door codes for multi-lock properties if they need different formats