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Update June 28, 2021


Product Update Blog Post

  • Added support for Airbnb's new Firm cancellation policy
  • Included Air non-refundable discount in cancellation policy fields
  • Added property cancellation policy merge fields
  • Improved display of Airbnb "you need to register your place" error
  • Fixed issue where Vrbo API was using date criteria without combining with month of year criteria if both were supplied
  • Added review feed for HomeToGo
  • Fixed issue where channel rent adjustment wasn't factored in to percent of rent discounts when quoting for HomeToGo
  • Updated HomeToGo logo
  • Fixed issue where FloridaRentals rate adjustment wasn't applied when creating quotes
  • Added iCal block vs booking support for VastTrips
  • Fixed issue where Stripe tokenization was conflicting with PayPal payments on payment and secdep forms
  • Fixed issue where portal move block was blocking itself
  • Treated day of arrival triggers with before logic to allow retry
  • Added filter to Expenses grid for Remittance Status
  • Removed incorrect channel icons on Locations
  • Fixed issue where Channel Bridge import was showing mapping page even though the mappings were provided by the API channel
  • Fixed Converge ampersand encoding
  • Added Empty Units report
  • Tightened up booking.com error messaging
  • Added email/phone links to Tiny link modal
  • Auto renew Converge secdep holds at 21 days
  • When switching properties on Rate Calendar, update URL and allow deep linking to it
  • Added wifi network/password fields to property import and export