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Redirect Back to Your Website After Booking

When guests book on your website, they get to the end of the booking process, see the confirmation, and then have nowhere to go. The confirmation page is nice and gives them a bunch of helpful information, but there's no easy way to get back to your website.

The "redirect" feature on properties allows users to define where they want the guest to go after booking. This redirect feature is optional, so if you want them to stay on the confirmation page, that's fine. The confirmation page will continue to show either way, but the redirect will count down from 20 seconds while showing them the link they will be going to in case they want to click to go there quickly.

Hosted Website Booking Confirmation Redirect

Configuring the redirect setting is simple.  Go to any Property > Rules > Change.

Change Property Rules


Enter the desired URL address in the Redirect After Booking URL field.

Redirect After Booking URL

By default, it will be blank.  If it's blank, your quotes will continue to function like before - the confirmation page will go nowhere.