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Update November 8, 2021


  • Added support for tying photos to rooms and accessibility amenities and pushing those attachments to Airbnb
  • Added a blog feature to Hosted Websites
  • Overhauled old style booking area pages to be mobile friendly
  • Overhauled SMS messaging tracking and billing
  • Added 22.6 to commission options
  • Fixed null secdep release days keeping booking from being updated
  • Fixed typo in the Tags criteria help text on the Stays reports (both of them)
  • Fixed curly bracket showing on SMS Numbers overview page
  • Fixed crash on disabling SMS premium feature
  • Fixed SMS Numbers does not show on sidebar in Settings, only on the Settings overview page
  • Fixed crash on deleting SMS number
  • Fixed typo in Calculation Overrides help text
  • Collapsed TO emails that contain spaces upon send
  • Improved hosted site Google search metadata for review ratings
  • Improved bathroom math displays
  • Included listing site when copying quotes 
  • Hid Stripe tokenized cards when buying Travel Insurance because they're not supported