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Update September 20, 2023


  • Add Aging to Support Articles and Search Results
  • Immediately send 2FA and SMS alert emails rather than queuing
  • Improve Google Vacation Rentals push service error messaging and don't error on warnings (private beta)
  • Fix issue where payment report was using marked as deposited date
  • Fix issue where Automatic Reviews summary was displayed in Reviews Grid even when Automatic Review feature had been disabled
  • Update Review Excel template file to specify the day for StayDate clearly
  • Add the Notes column as an export-only field on the Owner/PM Statement/Payout grids
  • Fix issue where "Send Quote" after copying uses the property from the copied quote's inquiry in the "From"
  • Include custom discounts in Vrbo booking update service response
  • Don't apply commission deduction to transaction fees with no expense
  • Better error messaging for unmapped Owners on Owner Payouts Send to QuickBooks Online
  • Don't allow renaming a custom Expense Category the same as a system category name
  • Fix issue where property import stores Airbnb URL's if invalid
  • Don't shift+select hidden options on filtered multi-select
  • Allow select all on seasonal rate editor even with many properties
  • Handle Vrbo CB negative charge total and zero owner amount as full refund and clear charges
  • Add owner_id on /v2/bookings and /v2/properties API endpoints