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Update June 14, 2023


  • Implement Kaba's new API that supports users with fewer than 10 locks
  • Implement Airbnb price quote API
  • Refactor Owner to support multiple emails
  • Add system message for sending statements to owners
  • Theming and Account/Property Field Code tweaks
  • Add Monthly Rentals by Owner & American Snowbird as official channel
  • Add deposit grid filters
  • Don't include optional surcharges in the BUS
  • Move cell phone to be first phone number entry field on guest forms
  • Update bnbfinder onboarding instructions URL
  • Point Car Suitability LQA warning to Location
  • Add (500 max for Airbnb) note on short description edit when no Airbnb description override
  • Fix conversation link in guest record dropdown
  • Prevent "Everything" sync if setup is incomplete
  • Plug trigger send holes around booking import
  • Clarify that Rentalz is for property managers only
  • Emerald Coast By Owner Channel Integration Listing Link is wrong
  • Fix Sync Pending label for Airbnb Property in Limited Sync mode
  • Add more details to Travel Insurance System Alert
  • Strip non-printable chars from more places
  • Property field differences article table tweaks
  • Expand the default rate setting to apply to hosted websites
  • Don't show booking door codes if the lock is disabled or deleted
  • Fix address label not changing to "City, Province, Postal Code" when reloading location page
  • Add support for RemoteLock "connector_lock" (TTLock)
  • Allow payment fees to net out the payment to zero
  • On Airbnb CB, stop looking for recent payouts if Airbnb returns multiple empty pages
  • Handle case where Vrbo listing import GraphQL fails, and don't miscategorize bedrooms
  • Change "Airbnb Message" to read "Channel Message" in more places
  • Smoothen trigger and autoresponders after Vrbo messaging release