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Update October 25, 2023


  • Schlage powered by OR
  • Igloohome powered by OR Coming Soon
  • Hubitat powered by OR Coming Soon
  • Fix first webhook attempt should treat any 2xx code as successful, not just 200
  • Fix rare edge case error on viewing booking Transactions
  • Don't send changed system messages or alerts when only cleaning date is changed
  • Improve Airbnb publish check upon connection
  • Ensure payment information is required for Team accounts upgraded to full accounts
  • Increase system email subject maximum length to 256 characters
  • Remove disabled integrations from Property Field Differences article
  • Remove BridgePay as payment processor option
  • Hide Registration Number heading from hosted websites when registration number or date is not configured
  • Handle very long names on inquiries
  • Fix Cancellation Policy preview displaying incorrectly