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A direct booking vacation rental website empowers you as a property owner or manager to have greater control, higher revenue potential, direct guest communication, branding opportunities, access to valuable data and enables you to build a sustainable, long-term successful vacation rental business.

Users who don't wish to use our OwnerRez published WordPress plugin or Hosted Websites (and have the necessary tech skills) can still build their own Integrated (sometimes known as External) Websites with their OwnerRez data through the use of our widgets and/or our API for Apps.  

Integrated Websites Suggestions

Using our widgets and/or our API for Apps provides interconnectivity between your OwnerRez account and your Integrated Website by syncing your OwnerRez properties, rates and rules data to your custom website.

  • Before you begin working on your Integrated Website, we recommend you (and/or your website designer) review the API for Apps and Creating Quotes and Bookings support articles to understand the steps required for successful integration.
  • If questions remain, we recommend users consider using OwnerRez's Hosted Websites or a templated website design builder, such as Wix or Squarespace.
  • Users should remember that it's crucial to thoroughly vet any external website design firms before making any payment.

If users have previously had an OwnerRez Hosted Website and are now planning to create an integrated (or external) website using OwnerRez widgets, be sure to disable your OwnerRez Hosted Website.

Why? Failure to disable your OwnerRez Hosted Website can lead to multiple URL issues.

WordPress Plugin + Integrated Websites Pricing

OwnerRez Integrated Websites is a premium feature that is not included in the regular OwnerRez monthly service fees and is invoiced monthly, as determined by the Pricing Calculator.

Our pricing structure is property-based. Each month we create an invoice in your account showing the number of properties you have and the corresponding fee.

Use this handy pricing page calculator to figure out what your bill will be! The property slider and Premium Feature buttons will help you quickly get a total.