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Update August 24, 2020


  • Fixed issue where selecting more than 50 properties and 50 listing sites on reports could cause an issue
  • Fixed issue with copying spot rates when no spot rates exist
  • Fixed occupancy report percentage calculation and lapping across years
  • Fixed hosted site header edit when no pages exist
  • Fixed hosted site header layout with many links that overlap
  • Updated RG damage protection background PDF doc
  • Don't send guest cancel notification for Airbnb bookings
  • Started development on SmokyMountains.com integration
  • Added custom views/columns for PM statements
  • Added 0.25% increments to PM commission statements
  • Added owner statement view edit after they have been created
  • Don't show all reviews on widget if it's a hosted site
  • Require credit card when joining OwnerRez
  • Factor in require gaps when doing an availability search
  • Fixed owner statement print layout
  • Fixed system messages layout with long template names
  • Fixed culture currency selector for uncommon currencies
  • Fixed blog post sorting
  • Overhauled search page and search results page on www site
  • Added search bar to forums
  • Added search menu to all www pages
  • Clarified recalculate charges messages for Vrbo API bookings
  • Don't offer to recalculate charges for channel bookings on the info tab
  • Changed inquiry/booking create alerts to reply-to to the guest
  • Added SMS billing when SMS feature is enabled
  • Added guest Communication link to inquiry/quote/booking