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Update November 2, 2020


  • Updated favicon to use new OR icon
  • Added specific show/hide options on rate table widget for each length
  • Fixed issue with deleted/disabled templates still showing in trigger dropdown selector
  • Don't test CC processors when disabling or deleting them
  • Deleted SystemMessage records for obsolete messages
  • Showed inbound sms count on separate row in invoices
  • Don't send an amount in RTB auth fail email for Vrbo
  • Added carousel option for blog posts, support articles and pages
  • Run owner dashboard queries as of midnight today instead of yesterday
  • Included failed secdeps in booking filter None option
  • Don't require picking a font on hosted
  • Added new portal permissions:
    • View listing site
    • View custom fields
    • View door codes
    • View tags
  • Clarified that exact lock time is no grace period
  • Showed cancellation policy on hosted website and quote pages
  • Showed "and then no refunds" on cancellation policy editor to clarify
  • Showed historical billing info instead of current on receipts
  • Added warnings on Listing Quality Analyzer for missing location type/possible related location types
  • Fixed bad PayPal link on Payments setup page

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