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Unlike most other payment processors supported by OwnerRez, a regular PayPal account is not a standard full payment processing merchant account, and cannot be used with the Vrbo API or automatic security deposit holds.  Read more here.

Note that this does not apply to PayPal PaymentsPro or PayflowPro accounts - those are standard full payment processing merchant accounts, and can be used with the Vrbo API and automatic security deposit holds just like any other merchant processing account.

OwnerRez is only able to connect to PayPal Business accounts - generally a regular personal PayPal account won't work. But some users have had success connecting their regular personal PayPal account so you can try that to see if it works.

We recommend that users convert their regular personal PayPal account into a PayPal business account. Converting a regular personal account into a PayPal business account can take several days, and often several tries to succeed.

Potential Errors

Connecting to PayPal Failed
Permission authorization with PayPal was not successful. Details:
(580022) Invalid request parameter: {0}

This error typically happens when the underlying account isn't able to be connected yet, for one of several reasons:

  • It is a regular personal PayPal account
  • It recently was a regular personal PayPal account, and you converted it to a business PayPal account.  This can take a week or two for that to truly take effect even if the PayPal interface shows that it's "Business" right now.
  • Other potential reasons, like account verification or a security issue on the PayPal side.

If your account is or was a personal PayPal account, request the change to a business account, then wait a week and try again.  If that doesn't work, or wasn't applicable, call PayPal directly and ask why the account cannot be connected to third party apps.

Can I void a transaction?

OwnerRez users should follow the instructions to process a Cancellation Within 24 Hours of Booking, but for a definitive answer about handling your payment processor, see PayPal's Refunds and voids instructions.