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Update August 9, 2023


  • Condense and streamline new ribbon view
  • Add bookings filter and property filtering by availability to new ribbon view to bring it to parity with legacy ribbon view
  • Fix issue where booking calendar ribbon date placement was occasionally off by one
  • Add edge case checking for Airbnb publish status and clear pending publish flag on Airbnb check status if possible
  • Improve Hopper cancellation endpoint
  • Fix issue where hosted certificate could get stuck halfway through installation
  • Don't clear car suitability on location tab when editing amenities on amenities tab
  • Rework Airbnb listing nickname truncate to 40 chars
  • Clear review body if Air specifically does
  • Blocked-Off Time Cancellation should report user that cancels (could be portal user)
  • Don't set standard max nights for Air so that allow RTB above max option works
  • Alphabetize templates dropdown in Trigger Forecast filter
  • Update labeling to indicate SMS brands only accept BN-9
  • Show Booking Listing Site on portal if user has permission
  • Send profile changed alert to old email address too
  • Fix Bay Grande single property layout
  • Show a "no phone number" error on booking SMS triggers if there's no phone
  • Set {PAYTYPE} field code for Credit Card Payment Type