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Stripe and Lynnbrook Group Automatic Imports

As versatile as the manual recording process is, the ideal scenario is that your deposits flow into OwnerRez automatically so that you don't have to record them at all. That's exactly what we've done for our payment partners, Stripe and Lynnbrook Group (please note: does not include "Lynnbrook Classic").

If you use Stripe or Lynnbrook Group to process credit cards, you'll be happy to know that OwnerRez is now automatically importing deposits. Every day, OwnerRez checks Stripe and Lynnbrook Group for new deposits on your behalf and automatically imports them into OwnerRez, matching up payment, refund, and fee data with your existing OwnerRez records. If you use Stripe or Lynnbrook Group, your deposits will already be there.

The green "Imported" status will appear on any deposit that was automatically imported into your account.

We also show statuses for pending and failed deposits, so if the system runs into a problem trying to import a deposit, you'll know about it, and we'll send you an alert pointing out the problem immediately.

Like all system alerts, you can preview or disable this alert in the Settings > System Alerts area, but we recommend that you keep it on.

Depending on your configuration with Lynnbrook Group, you might have "gross deposit" set up where fees are taken out at the end of the month. Our automatic import system handles this perfectly fine. Each daily deposit will show $0 in fees, and then once per month you'll see a large fee-only deposit show up with a large negative amount like this:

This should match the large debit that Lynnbrook Group makes to your bank account for their monthly fees. So we handle both situations - net deposit (fees per day) and gross deposit (fees per month).

Also, one important note - you cannot manually record deposits for payments or refunds that were processed via Stripe or Lynnbrook Group. If you go to the manual screen and check the payment method filter you'll notice a message there telling you that:

This is because our automatic import process controls which transactions are matched up with which deposits. So If you're wondering where your Stripe or Lynnbrook Group payments are on the record deposit screen, they won't show there because OwnerRez is automatically depositing them in the background.