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Update August 23, 2021


  • Add option to column settings on statement views for whether to show the total or not
  • Clarified season applicability on rate tester with overlaps
  • Fixed issue where new card form updated scheduled secdep on a failed billinginfo
  • Honored not present flag for amenities on Airbnb listing import
  • Fixed link for unsubscribed TPA alert
  • Added retries to listing importer
  • Fixed issue with "i messed up" change owner config not updating
  • Added listing site edit to blocked-off time change
  • Added print button for emails
  • Fixed missing update for booking paid amount with two scheduled payments on the same date
  • Added batch apply to for owners
  • Enhanced channel merge error messages and added reprocess button
  • Added font awesome icon picker for hosted website content areas and buttons
  • Changed links in email body iframe to open a new window when clicked