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Update September 7, 2020


  • Added channel triggers so that Airbnb messages can be sent via trigger
  • Added outbound email to guest conversation
  • Updated guest conversation to collapse trigger-based messages by default
  • Updated guest conversation to show more-streamlined design on timeline events
  • Fixed link to account time zone that was still pointing to preferences area
  • Updated guest conversation to have better paging and better performance
  • Updated guest conversation to remove 'more' link and show more by default
  • Fixed Airbnb/SMS selector on guest conversation
  • Fixed field code insertion to store and remember the last cursor location
  • Fixed trigger run date logic to evaluate in the property timezone in all cases but not twice
  • Updated 'Buy' button on SMS phone numbers to 'Claim' to reduce confusion
  • Updated blog post pages to increase small font sizes
  • Updated SMS pricing to clarify usage pricing
  • Added manual lock type option
  • Updated contacts (eg. guests) to default to conversation view

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