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Vrbo API Connection Auto-populated Expedia URLs

Properties listed using the Vrbo API connection may also automatically be available to be listed on Expedia if Instant Book is enabled. Properties in Request-to-Book mode may also be listed but OwnerRez has not been able to confidently confirm that.

This does not guarantee that your property will actually appear on Expedia and Hotels.com - that is outside of the control of OwnerRez and Vrbo and dependent on their demand in your area and their Expanded Distribution Network needs.

If you are charging your guests a surcharge to cover the cost of damage protection, Expedia will not include your properties.

If your property is selected to appear on Expedia, it will be displayed with this note on Expedia:

Expedia Check-in Instructions

If a user's Vrbo API-Connected OwnerRez property is also listed on Expedia, OwnerRez auto-populates Expedia URLs, if found, to all Vrbo API-connected properties.

What does that look like for Vrbo API-Connected users? Expedia links with their respective icons will be displayed just below the Vrbo link.

Auto-populated Expedia URLs for Vrbo API-Connected Properties