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Change Log

Update May 1, 2024


  • Sidebar layout v2
  • Add Airbnb New Listing Discount option
  • Split Read + Answered inquiry grid filter into separate filter options
  • Add Vrbo Listing Quality Analyzer for refundable damage deposit with pet criteria properly
  • Fix Vrbo pending for 12 hours getting immediately canceled for some users
  • No longer error when adding a second phone number
  • Fix trigger emails to handle non-ASCII characters properly
  • Handle Schlage locks returning "Name already exists" error, but no matching access codes are found
  • Support longer payment processor status reasons
  • Image requirement for listings to show correct warnings, recommendations, and issues
  • Fix Global landing page total to be right-aligned text
  • Fix Owner email rendering on the wrong line by hiding the "Email Address" label if there are none
  • No longer fail Stripe connection on phone shorter than 10 digits
  • Remove Google Vacation Rentals headline (Title) description override
  • Rework Google Vacation Rentals availability push
  • Disable Airbnb messaging role under My Preferences when fewer than two active Airbnb connections
  • Fix Airbnb booking to update guest name after inquiry
  • Better handle phone number formatting for international numbers
  • Fix channel rate tester from showing Airbnb discounts twice