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ProServices Overview

OwnerRez is pleased to offer ProServices. Using ProServices can help you get the most out of OwnerRez quickly and efficiently, while also providing you with the confidence and support you need to succeed. All ProServices users are paired with expert OwnerRez team members providing personalized support for you.

OwnerRez ProServices offers the following standalone services to our users.

  • ProConnect sets up your new OwnerRez account and configures numerous features and settings ensuring that your properties are set up completely and accurately.
  • ProTransfer assists users to transfer data only (bookings, properties, etc.) from their old Property Management Software (PMS) to their new OwnerRez account.
  • WebAssist customizes and adds content to your own direct booking OwnerRez Hosted Website.

ProServices Pricing

OwnerRez ProService fees do NOT include monthly service fees, as determined by the Pricing Calculator

Number of Properties ProConnect ProTransfer WebAssist
First 2 properties $500 total $300 total Inquire about pricing
Properties 3 - 9 $150 each property $100 each property Inquire about pricing
Properties 10+ $100 each property $50 each property Inquire about pricing

Interested in combining multiple ProServices?

  • Combine ProConnect and ProTransfer together
    • $650 for the first 2 properties
    • $200 per property for properties 3-9
    • $125 per property for each additional property

Contact us for more detailed pricing.