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Copying Seasons

Sometimes seasons are the same time every year, and you can set them up to simply repeat.  But there are many seasons that aren't necessarily exactly the same dates every year, and so can't just repeat, while being generally similar year-on-year.

You can copy seasons forward from one year to another, across multiple properties, while retaining the same rates and surcharges that those seasons currently have.  This allows you to copy all of your holiday seasons to the next year, for instance, and keep the rates that were there, so that you can quickly prepare the next year without creating new seasons by hand.

To get started, go to the regular Seasons list (under Settings).  Select the seasons you want to copy by selecting the check-box on each row of the list.  Then click the Copy Forward button.

This will take you to a batch screen where you can configure some options for how you want the seasons, and their associated rates, to copy forward to the next year.

By default, each season will display with the same name - except that OwnerRez will smartly detect if a year is present in the name and try to iterate the year to the next year.  So if the name is "Christmas 2021" it will default the next year to "Christmas 2022".  It will also default the dates to the same dates as the previous year, but give you the opportunity to tweak the dates in line before moving forward.  This gives you the ability to quickly consult your calendar and look at holidays or low/high periods across the next year so you can set the start and end dates to exactly what you want.

At the top, you can also specify if the rates and surcharges should copy across so that the new seasons have something to start with.  Even if you want to change the rates to something higher, we recommend that you copy the rates as they are so that you can see what they used to be, when changing them on the Seasonal Rates editor.

The surcharges that are copied are only surcharges that are applicable to the specific seasons you are copying.  Surcharges without season criteria won't be copied.

Click the button and, just like that, you'll have a new year of seasons and rates already set up!