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Why you should create quotes instead of bookings

Quotes allow a guest to follow the standard checkout process. Using OwnerRez quote acceptance ensures you've got a signed renter agreement, payment is taken, and security deposits are scheduled.  OwnerRez recommends that guests be directed to make their bookings this way, either by sending them a quote in response to an inquiry or by their using a Book Now widget on your website.

If a guest has already booked on a different site, like through Airbnb or Vrbo, then you also want a booking created in OwnerRez, but you should not need to create it manually.  You can create bookings automatically via Calendar Import and populate them with data via Channel Bridge. You can use the same method if you are importing bookings for historical purposes.  Or, you can import them with our Booking Excel import, available in the Tools menu.

Bookings that are made on a site you have an API connection to, will automatically be created in OwnerRez for you along with all the expected automatic processes.  There is no need to manually create bookings for API connections.

If a guest is checking out by- contacting you, you should create and send them a quote and have them complete the checkout process using the link in the quote email.  You can walk them through this process on the phone if that helps them.

Manually Creating a Booking

If you have to manually create a booking, either by directly entering one or manually converting a quote into a booking in the OwnerRez screen, OwnerRez will not do any of the automatic setup that it does when following the usual quote/booking checkout process we recommend.  You will have to take these actions yourself.

  1. Create the booking and enter the guest info, or by manually converting a quote into a booking in the OwnerRez quote screen
  2. In this newly created booking, go to the Transactions tab.  Click the Payments dropdown button, and select Collect Payment (Run Card).  Follow the prompts to enter the guest's credit card information and collect their initial payment.
  3. If the Booking was not paid in full by the initial payment, schedule a second payment for the remaining balance.  On the Transactions tab, click the Schedule dropdown button, and select Schedule Payment.  Follow the prompts to schedule a payment for the remaining balance at the appropriate time using the card on file from Step 2. 
  4. If your rules require a security deposit, you need to schedule that.  On the Transactions tab, click the Schedule dropdown button, and select Schedule Security Deposit.  Follow the prompts to schedule the security deposit to be taken the day before arrival, and to be released a few days after departure, using the card on file from Step 2.
  5. Go to the Legal tab. Click the Request e-Signature dropdown button, and select the appropriate Legal Agreement template.  Follow the prompts to send the guest a request to sign your rental agreement.
  6. If there is any other information that you need to collect (photo ID, etc), you'll need to reach out to the guest to get it.
After following these steps, your booking will resemble one created automatically by the normal checkout process, and should proceed normally.