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This support article is out of date. For more current and complete instructions, please see the Trigger Examples support article.

Sometimes you have a specific day of the week that you want an email to go to a guest.  As an example, your trash gets picked up every Wednesday so you want an email to go out on Tuesday to remind your guests to take the trash to the curb. Here's how to set that up.



Just a Reminder: the trash pickup for {PNAME} is tomorrow!



Just wanted to let you know the trash truck should be making a stop tomorrow to pick up your trash.

(Insert specific info for where your trash cans are, rules for bagging the trash, what should be done with the cans, etc.) 

Thanks again for staying at {PNAME} and helping us keep the property clean!!




Once you've set up the template - don't forget to add the triggers.  This is the important part - to make sure your email Template is sent at the right time. You will need multiple Triggers.

Let's assume trash pickup is on Wednesday. That means you want to send the email Template on Tuesday. 

  • For guests who arrive on Sunday, and are staying for 3 nights or more, you'll want the Template sent 2 days "After Booking Has Arrived."
  • For a guest who arrives on Monday, and is staying 2 or more nights, you'll send the Template 1 day "After Booking Has Arrived."
Now you need to create Triggers to send this email to the guest a certain number of days "after booking has arrived" based on their check-in day of the week and how many nights they're staying.
Normally when setting up a trigger it is best to move from top to bottom on the Trigger page.  But with these instructions it's easier to start in the middle of the screen with the "Booking Fields".
Let's start with a Trigger for bookings that Arrive on a Sunday. 
  1. Booking Fields:  Here is where you specify this is for Bookings arriving on Sunday.  You'll also want to make sure the booking for this guest has them there through Tuesday night, the day you want the email Template to go out (Number of Nights is Greater Than or Equal to 3 nights).
    1. Actions: Now go back to the top of the Trigger page. In our example, with trash pickup on Wednesday, you'll want this Template to go out on Tuesday. Set the Trigger to Occur "At A Scheduled Time". Configure the "Time" to send 2 "After Booking Has Arrived." Then choose the time of day you'd like the email sent.

      If you wanted to send it a different day, just count forward that number of days. If you want it sent on a Friday for bookings which arrived on Sunday, you would instead set Action "Time" to 5 days after Booking has arrived. You would also adjust the Booking Field "Number of Nights" to "Greater Than or Equal to 6 Night."

  2. Options: At the bottom of the Trigger setup, you may want to give each Trigger a specific "Description" so you know exactly which Check-In Day it's for.

Now repeat the process, making Triggers for arrivals each day of the week. You can use the same email Template for each.

One more consideration - if you typically have guests who stay for more than a week, you may want to set up a second trigger where the "Bookings Fields" has "Number of Nights is Greater Than or Equal to X". In our example with the Sunday arrival and Wednesday trash pickup, your number of nights would be >/= 10 nights.

For other examples of email Templates, check out the Email Template Library - Overview.