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Update February 22, 2023


  • Smoothen email 2FA
    • Extend login time to 10 minutes
    • Make Verify button the default (vs. send code)
    • Track expiration duration client side so the code isn't considered expired too early if the clients clock is drifting
  • Add Spot Rate Availability Rules UI helper for delete button removal
  • Allow setting expense/commission settings for AirCover resolutions in Channel Bridge
  • Occurances should be occurrences
  • Fix Florida Rentals link to portal
  • Fix issue where default property description could be inadvertently deactivated while editing
  • Fix issue where Surcharge Booking Field Criteria with Yes/No Answers (has holiday) didn't validate correctly
  • Show Sent title on SMS Comm History and tag manual sends of SMS trigger as manual
  • Remove '5-star' from review is submitted system alert
  • Tax report explicit alphabetic ordering for columns
  • Handle case where Lynnbrook payment is neither voidable nor refundable
  • Channel Blocks should not trigger before arrival triggers
  • Change "use from property" to "use property default" in quote/booking change screens
  • Change search results tile layout in availability search widget/hosted website to use auto repeating columns
  • Improve secdep failure handling
  • Prevent publishing if there's a pending address/name sync
  • Don't push taxable base for Airbnb luxe listings
  • Handle already reserved secdeps when booking is moved via API