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Change Log

Update April 17, 2024


  • Add Messaging endpoints to APIv2
  • Add {MYDOMAIN} field code
  • Extend dropdown pattern to remaining property selectors
  • Fix sorting for SMS Communication History
  • Improve SMS sending latency
  • Fix Airbnb channel messages inability to send when guest also has SMS thread
  • Fix initial guest messages not showing in conversation history
  • Don't void all other open inquiries from the same guest when an Airbnb inquiry is received
  • Fix hosted site blog posts not being displayed
  • Handle invalid Expedia listing URLs
  • Fix door codes populating in templates for unmapped manual locks
  • Show "Coming Soon" channels in LQA
  • Fix Airbnb publish error display
  • Show correct currency from account culture settings on booking cancellation page
  • Don't pass fee to Google Vacation Rentals if Season criteria is "Only" + "None"
  • Prevent case where Airbnb listing can be connected to two properties
  • Fix triggers to work for "Adjacent Available Nights Status" and "0 days Before Booking has arrived"