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Igloo and ResortLock

Igloo and ResortLock door locks are supported by the RemoteLock API and can be managed through OwnerRez -- simply treat them as being a RemoteLock using those instructions.

Since these are algorithmic instead of programmable locks, they do have some limitations when compared to other locks supported by RemoteLock:

  • Format: 10 digit codes are generated automatically by the lock based on stay dates
  • Setting Codes: Igloo and ResortLock does not support setting codes, only the auto generated code
  • Updating Dates: Igloo and ResortLock does not support modifying the dates for a given code. If you change the dates for a booking, a new code will be generated -- remember to send the updated code to the guest!
  • Canceling Codes: Igloo and ResortLock does not support canceling codes
  • Multiple Locks on one Booking: Each Igloo or ResortLock lock associated with the booking property will be programmed with its own unique code
  • Times: Igloo only supports round hours, not minutes or seconds.  Time settings that are not round hours, will be rounded off automatically.