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Update April 26, 2022


  • Add branding for portal access
  • Fix issue where lock mapping wasn't updated when booking moves if codes aren't generated by lock
  • Clear air cleaning fee if not set to make sure legacy cleaning fees are removed
  • Send cardholder IP to Converge
  • Fix issue with Converge special characters
  • Fix broken in weekend nights "as specified in settings" links
  • Add link decoration hook for widgets
  • Add GuestSmiles as official channel
  • Export booking list total/owed columns as numbers
  • Unlink file from room deleted during listing import
  • Disable secdeps when Vrbo Channel Bridge is run for bookings
  • Don't skip booking on channel bridge import if it has an other surcharge
  • Apply two char provinces for Canadian addresses on YapStone 
  • Handle logout from other tab on season and spot rate editors
  • Add property term setting to widgets and hosted sites
  • Fix quote reset and add change tracking
  • Fix tinymce "cannot convert blob" error
  • Fix property share bugs and tweaks
  • Show singular correctly for reviews vs. "1 properties"
  • Handle Pets for Cottages in Canada inquiry parser
  • Less cancellation fee needs less space
  • Allow HTMLish when sending text templates
  • Fix Vrbo RTB allowed logic when one property is RTB
  • Update expense dates based on setting when booking moves
  • Show TO number on conversation view
  • Fix Alphabetic ordering issue with Vendors list in the QuickBooks Online configuration page for PM > Payouts > Send To QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Online configuration page for PM > Payouts > Send to QuickBooks is requiring all owners to be mapped
  • When connecting QuickBooks Online, the reference lists for Payouts > Send to QuickBooks are not loaded by default
  • Better validation for SMS Profile address
  • Fix issue where changing booking (dates only) PM Lock errors but still moves booking
  • Don't crash, bang when importing reviews without a file selected
  • Protect against double click on secdep release double
  • Don't show guest name if message wasn't to the guest
  • Revamp Password Reset email
  • Follow first payment rules for Vrbo
  • Add merge field for travel insurance info
  • Add My Profile button on Forums with user posts, votes and watching tabs
  • Show all the rates on the property info page
  • Add "apply card to future scheduled secdep" checkbox to payment form
  • Change alerts sent from OwnerRez to users (not guests) to come from alerts@ vs. help@ so they don't get mixed up in filters with support desk traffic