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Update Feb 17, 2020


  • Updated API sync to not bug users for temporary errors when pushing content
  • Updated reviews to split Guest versus Host reviews in different tabs, moved show/hide indicator to be more visible
  • Updated Airbnb API to include taxes in surcharges if surcharges are marked as taxable
  • Upgraded token for OwnerRez API to personal access token
  • Added OAuth applications to OwnerRez API
  • Fixed iOS keyboard zooming on hosted websites
  • Updated channel bridge to allow rate pushing with Airbnb and Vrbo API connected accounts if property is not connected to the API
  • Updated PM Batch Update to be faster
  • Updated guest payment form for check payments to show correct total
  • Fixed widgets to move Google Analytics code below CSS
  • Fixed issue with iOS not playing video hero unit
  • Fixed issue with nightly tax not setting rate
  • Remove minimum night validation from seasons
  • Added links to FlipKey listings from TripAdvisor API dashboard
  • Updated minimum adult rules to require at least 1
  • Added links to Booking.com listings from Booking.com API dashboard
  • Fixed VRBO rate push on channel bridge
  • Fixed Airbnb API photo syncing to more-gracefully handle photo changes
  • Added "sync pending" indicator for channel API connections
  • Added user preference for displaying properties by name or owner group
  • Fixed lat/long display in map links for non-US cultures
  • Fixed widget property matching for secondary URLs
  • Added additional encryption and password hashing for increased security
  • Added local validation to catch too-large files before uploading
  • Added option to log out of all locations when logging out
  • Added option for session timeout (ie. warning before session ending, then automatic logging out)
  • Increased security against attacks and unauthorized use

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