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Hosted Website Search Tags

Want to enhance your multiple property OwnerRez Hosted Website? Help guests find your property in a specific location or with certain amenities? This is possible with the use of tags. 

Need to learn more about Tags? See our Tags Overview support article.

Once you've created your Tags and assigned them to Groups, your guests can use them to search your properties on your OwnerRez Hosted Website. If you have a variety of properties, and have assigned tags related to amenities, or locations, etc., you can decide which tags should be available for the search. Go to your Hosted Website Page and select your website.

You can either click on the drop down list to the right of the Pen icon and select Edit this hosted site page OR just click on the link of your Home page.



On the next screen, choose Change Settings on the "Availability/Property Search Widget" line.

Click on Change Settings

On the next screen, at the bottom, you'll see the option to select the Tag Group Filters you'd like to show to guests. Choose the filter(s) you desire. For this example, I only want to offer my Amenities as a way to search, so I've selected that check box. You can also Select All or Clear your selection. Don't forget to Save your selection.

Save your filter choice and this is what the search bar on your website will look like: