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Update March 1, 2021


  • Combined HomeAway and Vrbo channel and listing site configuration to a single Vrbo type
  • For Airbnb and booking.com derived prices, treat guest fees with no included guests as 1 included since they don't support fees for the first guest
  • Fixed issue with link modal not loading for custom field references
  • Required http or https in link editor for custom links
  • Fixed issue where bookings weren't reindexing search on guest name change
  • On search, don't redirect to guests if there are related entities
  • Fixed rate calendar with no properties
  • Don't add platform email addresses to guest emails when used for payments
  • Removed all references to Legacy Rates logic
  • Added tag columns to exports
  • Excludee current booking from availability in move screen
  • Fixed preview on Account system alerts
  • Added import owners from Excel
  • Added a friendly message for the PayPal "not authorized" error when connecting
  • When setting no max nights, use 365 for Airbnb as they don't support an empty max
  • Fixed issue with PM statement expense date range setting