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Update Dec 9, 2019


  • For Airbnb API configuration, show absolute lead time options in dropdown vs relative offset
  • Fix issue on QuickBooks Online returning "invalid_grant" when refreshing tokens
  • Fix amount filter in Quotes grid
  • Fix issue with turning off secdep for bookings where amount is greater than 999
  • Match up TripAdvisor API error messages to friendly field names
  • Standardize channel bridge rate push to be rate and min night, no fee/tax for VRBO
  • Include surcharges in rates for VRBO channel bridge rate push
  • Handle new VRBO inquiry format on email forwarding
  • For channel bridge import, skip charges on Airbnb canceled with no transactions
  • For channel bridge import, send create triggers to Airbnb passthrough emails
  • Add {CPHONEPRRWUS} merge field for phone number with no US 1 prefix
  • Match rate calendar end display month with end data month
  • Fix issue with owner statements render showing javascript disabled message with outstanding interstitial

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