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Update February 1, 2021


  • Added option in rate settings to evaluate night rules on arrival day only (vs all days in booking) to match channel logic
  • Added PM Owner Statement Bookings report to allow view/export of multiple owner statements simultaneously
  • Split trigger tag criteria into two: Has Tags and Doesn't Have Tags so more powerful combination criteria can be used
  • Marked inquiries as answered when sending associated quotes so that the Create And Send Quote button marks inquiries as answered
  • Fixed timing issue with an RA signed trigger not having access to the archived PDF link
  • Fixed timing issue on card on file criteria with booking created triggers
  • Fixed issue on tag usage grid where a deleted entity had a tag
  • Allow attempting non-verified good card when charging a pending booking
  • Allow scheduling payments/secdeps on non-verified good cards
  • Fixed card editing redirect and valiation display
  • Fixed issue with missing Stripe fee when guest failed several transactions in a row before succeeding
  • Fixed issue with QuickBooks phone being too long
  • Fixed issue with QuickBooks unicode name searching
  • Tweaked Airbnb infants display to clarify that it's Airbnb only
  • Fixed Expenses Excel export to render numbers in the amount field
  • Optimized review statistics and property thumbnails
  • Added HomeToGo option for channel rate tester
  • Added "send inquiry alert" option on Airbnb channel
  • Fixed issue where optional surcharge season criteria wasn't calculating the same as normal season criteria
  • Fixed issue where an SMS triggered to multiple phone numbers, where one number was invalid could cause a loop to the valid number
  • Fixed issue with PM locked bookings blocking security deposit operations

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