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Update Feb 10, 2020


  • Fixed image upload to not crash on bad images (eg. too small)
  • Added holiday list for Australia
  • Updated all holiday lists to add more years
  • Fixed the menu ordering screen for Hosted Sites to handle custom pages on properties
  • Fixed the menu ordering screen for Hosted Sites to properly nest child items when moving parent items
  • Fixed typo in new booking system alert email
  • Added ORB booking # to more Channel Bridge error messages
  • Updated TripAdvisor API channel to use max guests instead of max adults where both are present
  • Updated VRBO listing import to scale up or ignore photos that are too small
  • Added Download PDF button to legal agreements preview window
  • Added Taxable and Non-Taxable columns to Line Item Pivot report
  • Fixed Stripe fees to detect if there is a currency conversion due to mismatching payment and settlement currencies being used

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