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Update July 12, 2022


  • Add deposits (manual)
  • Add getawayGoGo as official channel
  • Add Search/SearchPage Google Analytics events
  • Fix issue with canceling a booking adding a fee even if "No fee" selected
  • Fix issue with cancel form loading with the wrong refund amount calculated
  • Fix issues with guest merge after tag/field updates
  • Fix og:title for hosted sites
  • Fix issue with import review model failure on repeat attempts because of model validation check
  • Tweaked List View cleaning date preference layout alignment
  • WordPress Plugin is no longer considered in Beta
  • Support multiple phone numbers for SMS
  • Add alert on TripAdvisor channel instructions that only existing accounts can connect
  • Add Juneteenth to US Official Holidays list
  • Get rid of pending "auto canceled" sentence if it is a notification
  • Fix Hosted Site pages Menu & Location tab recommend typo
  • Clarify that SMS brand has been approved
  • Allow filtering Payment Summary Report by arrival/departure
  • Match field codes case-insensitively in template transforms
  • Send create triggers when the pending flag is cleared
  • Clarify CB error on canceled conflict, add better instructions