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Post Stay Email

Here's a post stay email template courtesy of Roger of mauioceanfrontsunsets.com.  (For other examples of email Templates, check out the Email Template Library - Overview.)

For the personalized touch, he recommends personalizing each email sent with details about the booking and guest interaction rather than using a trigger to automatically send the email. To do this, create the email template in OwnerRez to take advantage of the mail merge fields, but use the Send Email Now button in the booking and switch to the post stay email template you created.

To use this template, change the [review link] to point to the listing site you'd like them to review on, and the [Facebook page link] to point to your Facebook page. If you've got multiple properties, you can use custom fields to make the links update automatically based on property. Here's an article about custom fields and email templates. If you're using the template from a non-OwnerRez system, you'll also have to update the various mail merge fields. 


Thank you for choosing {PDISPNAME}!


Aloha {CFIRST},

We want to thank you for staying at our {PDISPNAME} vacation home. We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing time. Your business is appreciated and your comfort is our top priority.

Your feedback is very important to us and we would appreciate it if you would take the time to leave us a review at this location:


Your comments enable us to make sure that the services we provide meet our guests' expectations. Your support is very much appreciated. Please feel free to share any recommendations you wish to pass along regarding restaurants, area attractions and the like. Reviews provide valuable information to other potential renters about the property and the quality of the services you received. You will be able to provide them a level of comfort that is often missing when booking online.

We are always looking for ways to improve the vacation experience for our guests. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements or ideas on how your stay could have been more enjoyable.

If you had any concerns or unsatisfactory experiences during your stay, please contact us directly so that we may deal with them immediately. Please contact {MYFIRST} at {MYEMAIL}.

We hope that you will keep us in mind if your future travel plans bring you to Maui again. Please bookmark our website {MYURL} and refer to our availability calendar there. Feel free to contact us for more information on dates and rates.