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Update August 2, 2023


  • Include blocked message detail in SMS blocked error
  • Fix issue with Vrbo listing import failing on importing description
  • Don't treat any pets allowed as no pets allowed for Vrbo and Hosted Websites
  • Skip Vrbo CB transactions with no ref id and no payment fee -- they look to be dupes
  • Don't error when viewing a review that has no property
  • Google Vacation Rentals (private beta)
  • Don't delete all file field values when one file is deleted
  • Change MOR channel payments type to 'credit card processed elsewhere,' like Airbnb payments
  • Tweak wording for pets and Nofie
  • Handle case for Vrbo BUS where guest is missing name
  • Tooltip verbiage incorrect on Cancellation refunds radio button
  • Apply footer to Guides
  • Add listing site tracking for widgets and apply for channels that dump into direct bookings