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Insurance Detail Report

Reports!! Who doesn't love a report? A report can reveal new information, analyze issues or problems, and even present recommended courses of action, especially when that report deals with damage protection or travel insurance. To run this report, navigate to Reports > Detail Reports > Insurance.


Ownerrez users can outline the parameters for their report by selecting from the following fields to include.

  • Which properties
  • Time period
  • Which listing sites from the drop-down list/filter
  • Filter by all, either or both Damage Protection and Travel Insurance information
  • Choose the Report grouping from the drop-down list/filter

Insurance Detail

And your report will display as shown below. Note that none of the guests opted to purchase travel insurance but if they had, the travel insurance columns would be filled with that information.

Insurance Detail Report

Users can choose to Print or Export (and save) the completed Insurance Detail Report.