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Update April 19, 2023


  • Add bnbfinder as official channel
  • Avoid duplicate loading of iframe widgets where surrounding page has rewritten HTML elements to handle Elementor popup bug
  • Fix typos in missed trigger wording
  • Reflect Portal's user and original invite emails if different
  • Normalize hosted description HTMLizing
  • Airbnb old casing still showing on Channel Bridge importing errors
  • Review data not updating timely on hosted sites when reviews change
  • Fix sending SMS sometimes fails when using 10-digit numbers
  • Fix CB duplication on Vrbo "you remit" vs "you collect" taxes leading to double tax amount
  • Fix issue where moving bookings between properties was encountering an error when moving RemoteLock codes between devices
  • Fix issue where booking door lock code list was showing an old lock name after moving to a new property when there were multiple locks involved