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Update January 24, 2024


  • Booking.com messaging integration Public Beta!
  • Add Glamping Hub as official channel Coming Soon
  • Portal user > Reset Password button fails in some cases
  • Treat Nofie as Request To Book for Airbnb Request To Book requirement
  • Cap Maximum Advanced Reservation to 360 days for Booking.com v1.1 API
  • Filter out child rates from Booking.com property mapping UI
  • Send a system alert when a deposit fails to import correctly
  • Optimize bookings ribbon first load
  • Fix owner statements typo
  • Booking list export does not export booked dates correctly in some user cultures
  • Remove mention of renter agreement from {BBINFO}
  • Large number of properties on Portal access display are cut off on some viewports
  • Review date incorrectly updated on subsequent Airbnb webhooks
  • Show cancellation policy as-of-date in Travel Insurance section on quote
  • Filters on team grids (portal and staff) have confusing and inconsistent persistence behavior
  • Door codes are generated in some cases even when Generate Codes for Blocks is disabled
  • Schlage lock direct integration improvements
    • Schlage logic to match existing code to booking fails
  • Igloo / Hubitat general integration improvements Private Beta:
    • Hubitat common locks fail to sync properly