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Update October 18, 2023


  • Add Book Direct Forgotten Coast as official channel
  • Enable rates and availability push for HomeToGo
  • Ensure phone number type is retained when sending or receiving SMS messages 
  • Remove non-alphanumeric characters from internal discount names synced to Vrbo
  • Send a rate push to Vrbo after expanding booking window
  • Change the placeholder text on phone inputs to not be numbers
  • Add check_in and check_out to v2 API Booking PATCH 
  • Fix guest conversation does not auto-select Vrbo even if last message was from Vrbo
  • Improve handling of large number of properties on API Integrations grid
  • Don't match to CC (except "processed elsewhere") or PayPal transactions when processing Airbnb deposits
  • Spell out "Vacation Rental" on user onboarding intro
  • Fix ownerrez.com search results for some numeric searches
  • Show when dates are unavailable in Channel Rate Tester for Vrbo
  • Fix owner double select on re-enabling a booking "Is Managed"
  • Improve page number calculation in Forum Latest Discussions
  • Fix partially hidden tooltip on email template delete button
  • Fix user email suppressed alert stuck on in some edge cases