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Update August 23, 2023


  • Fix issue where listing site setting wasn't saving on rental agreement in some cases
  • Add more mouse interactions for ribbon and rate calendars
  • Add anchor button to hosted website TinyMCE editor
  • Allow more tags in the TinyMCE editor for Hosted Sites
  • Add back missing Vrbo listing import items
  • Handle attribute to Vrbo with multiple active channels
  • Base tax cash report on deposit date if available
  • Fix issue where upload photos in bulk "Saving..." button not clickable
  • Don't allow deleting properties that are connected
  • Validate that HA-XML type/key on URL and authorization match
  • Add more system field codes
  • Add search for site pages
  • Show created date as queued date on messages (rather than sent date)
  • Fix issue with address city/state processing when adding guests via v2 API
  • Fix Vrbo historical thread import to mark imported inquiries as "read"