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Email Notifications

Enabling OwnerRez email or push Alert notifications ensures timely communication and keeps you informed about important booking updates or messages without the need for constant manual checking in-app or your email inbox. This proactive approach ensures that you stay connected across all your devices for your vacation rental business, boosting productivity in today's digital environment.

If you haven't yet read the Alerts Overview support article, be sure to do that first. 

Alerts are notifications that the OwnerRez system sends to you via email from the email address alerts@ownerrez.com.

It's important to note that your guests do not receive these emails. OwnerRez Alerts are targeted specifically to OwnerRez users, and when possible, they will include property names.

OwnerRez Alerts can be accessed via your Profile dropdown menu (top right corner) > My Alerts.

OwnerRez Profile dropdown menu > My Alerts

On the My Alerts page, users do the following:

  • Disable Alerts button to turn off all Alerts (not recommended)
  • Change All button to de-select or select which Alerts to enable/disable.
  • Use the Action menu
    • Turn Off individual Alerts
    • Preview individual Alerts

OwnerRez My Alerts Page

From the Action dropdown menu, users can either turn OFF specific alerts or click on Preview to view an example of that alert.

OwnerRez My Alerts > Action > Preview

And a preview of an alert will be displayed. Note the From email address alerts@ownerrez.com is displayed. 

Preview for the 'Booking Is Canceled' system alert

Users can change multiple alerts at once by clicking on the Change All button.

My Alerts > Change All button

And users can check or uncheck individual Alerts to enable or disable them. Click Save.

Change My Alerts