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Update July 3, 2024


  • Enhance Akismet "mark as spam" auto-detection on inquiries
  • Increase character length allowance on push notifications for channel messages
  • Adjust top menu navigation when font size increased/zoom on mobile
  • Add support for seasonal, non-percentage discounts with Google Vacation Rentals
  • Prevent deletion of guest record(s) associated with account SMS number(s)
  • Reduce font size on WWW search results search speed
  • Advance end date when picking start date on ribbon calendar property availability filter
  • Improve performance when loading inbox channel messages
  • Skip disabled checkboxes when using grid view "Select All"
  • Add validation on Amenities property details to prevent setting 0 on floors/number of floors
  • Add skip booking errors option to Airbnb Channel Bridge
  • Add additional GA4 config logging
  • Prevent crash due to date format when booking from the global landing page
  • Fix syncing deleted door codes to Kaba
  • Fix zero guest count on Booking.com reservations
  • Fix triggers with invalid retry conditions