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Change Log

Update May 29, 2024


  • Add callout to Support Center homepage acknowledging visuals are outdated
  • Add content and time period filters to ownerrez.com search feature
  • Fix SMS Communication History status column not displaying after first page
  • Fix crash when changing Airbnb property sync type
  • Fix Channel Bridge "modified since" option for bookings with modified paid status
  • Handle Vrbo deprecated amenities
  • Re-specify channel "via" next to channel trigger entry in guest conversation
  • Support Booking.com allowing up to 90 max nights
  • Properly record refundable security deposit fees
  • Fix hidden account switcher dropdown
  • Fix Airbnb co-host inquiry associating with property on other account
  • Fix Lynnbrook Group net billing deposit decimal conversion
  • Handle potential error in Expedia API logic
  • Don't fail on hosted site certificate check if homepage has been disabled
  • Bulk recalculate charges for older Airbnb bookings
  • Fix Airbnb cleaning fees displaying as "Other" for pre-approved inquiries
  • Right-align Adjustments and Fees columns on the Deposits grid
  • Explain how to gain access to Messages API on APIv2 page
  • Show channel message failed reason to users
  • Vrbo RTB shouldn't send Time-based Triggers
  • Google Vacation Rentals:
    • Allow mapping of properties with warnings and no errors
    • Fix "no active properties" banner incorrectly displaying
    • Fix for living area displaying for number of living rooms
    • Pause sending listing error emails