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Change Log

Update June 5, 2024


  • Implement "Mark as Spam" on inquiries and evaluate comment bodies using Akismet for spam detection
  • Merchant of Record (MoR) channel API integration enhancements - part 1
  • Update {MYTWITTER} field code Name and Description on the Account tab to refer to "X"
  • Add Damage Protection opt-out for Whimstay
  • Increase cap for line item pivot report
  • Fix multiple guests being created for Vrbo Messages
  • Fix "do not retry" trigger retrying same day
  • Fix issue with forums authentication
  • Properly display Airbnb account issues for channel integration
  • Remove obsolete TripAdvisor description fields
  • Airbnb caps max guests at 100
  • Increase Booking.com availability push frequency
  • Fix error in processing booking fees on new bookings and transactions
  • Fix an error that sometimes occurs when accessing a record with the wrong team selected
  • Fix error when deleting a booking fee
  • Fix error when searching OwnerRez website in the "All" area
  • Fix regression where review recorded date on Reviews grid was always showing today's date
  • Fix phone entered on guest forms as "Mobile" saved as "Other" under Contacts upon form completion
  • Remove Property Actions from Property sidebar menu
  • Fix "back to all messages" link when viewing a message
  • Prepopulate property filter when clicking Bulk Recalculate Charges to active properties instead of all