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Update June 12, 2024


  • On-going design changes/tweaks and new shortcut keys for search
  • Add delivery webhooks to show email delivery status on communication history
  • Relax new auto-spam checking on inquiries
  • Various Trigger redesign follow-up tweaks
  • Various Inquiry Trigger follow-up tweaks
  • Add "play" icons on top of hosted site photos with a Video URL
  • Improve hosted site "back button" behaviors when viewing photo gallery or carousel
  • Add confirm password field for new user and team access sign-ups
  • Add map search icons to channel property pages for Airbnb, Booking.com, Google Vacation Rentals, Vrbo/Expedia
  • Add thread IDs for inquiry/quote API endpoints
  • Expand hosted site review metadata to include certain VacationRental attributes
  • Update inquiry instructions to clarify that channels don't send emails to guest
  • Fix phone number search on booking grid error
  • Don't allow users to delete contact associated with their SMS number
  • Fix defaults when adding additional HA-XML-based channels
  • Google Vacation Rentals:
    • Add support for per guest and per guest/night taxes
    • Handle departure day restrictions
    • Evaluate listing site criteria for taxes and surcharges/discounts and only display applicable errors on LQA
    • Remove credit card payment method required check for LQA