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Change Log

Update May 22, 2024


  • Add 'Save as my default' option for system grid filtering (e.g., Bookings List View, Quotes, Inquiries)
  • Add IP-banning capabilities with new IP Blocklist area for Hosted Sites
  • Add support for listing Airbnb noise monitor expectations for guests
  • Add Name and Current Property filter options to PM Owners grid
  • CFAR (cancel for any reason) insurance is now available for some Canada provinces
  • Fix inactive triggers from showing on booking messages tab
  • Fix viewing of historical invoices that contain SMS messages with no linked messages
  • Adjust styling of sub-navigation menus
  • Hide 'Open Menu' tooltip on mobile devices
  • Fix new Booking Forms to use correct pluralization (i.e., bed vs. beds, bath vs. baths)
  • Fix Hosted Site header from preventing clicking menu dropdown options when hyperlink is below other header rows
  • Lynnbrook Group fees should reflect correctly when user is on 'net' billing
  • Return an HTTP 400 status to invalid widget requests
  • iCal deletion will now warn about Damage Protection effects
  • Fix scheduled trigger with "after" condition from reverting to "before" after saving and reopening
  • Schlage lock integration set to use random numbers will now match to the correct existing access code stored in lock
  • Remove remaining Booking.com platform (a.k.a. proxy or pass-through) email addresses from guests
  • Fix email template header/footer themes for associated system messages
  • Don't send watch posts by main account (a.k.a. billed user) to staff users
  • Google Vacation Rentals:
    • Do not connect new listings if they are not valid according to the LQA
    • Do not automatically add properties on channel creation
    • Inform users if they are connected but have no connected properties
    • If a listing is in the feed but fails certain LQA checks, issue a warning, and after 14 days of continued failures, delist the property
    • Add preview for Listing issues alert
    • Sync surcharges with night restrictions accurately
    • No longer send expired active discounts
  • Igloohome Private Beta Coming Soon
    • Fix grace period handling when lock is ahead of UTC time