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Guest Monitoring

Short-term rental guest monitoring or surveillance equipment (e.g., cameras, decibel/noise monitors, etc.) helps hosts track occupancy, noise levels, and security remotely. It ensures compliance with rental policies and enhances guest safety and property protection.

OwnerRez users should disclose to guests any external or internal surveillance equipment at their property, including cameras, noise or smoking detectors, and other smart devices. By disclosing these surveillance devices, guests are more likely to comply with your property rules. This does not include regular fire smoke detectors.

You can share what types of surveillance equipment are located at your property by noting those in your property's amenities. To add your surveillance equipment, navigate to your specific Property > Listing Content > Amenities > Expectations.

At this time, only Cameras/Surveillance and Noise Monitor Expectation amenities are available in OwnerRez. Any smoking detection equipment should be added to your property description.

The settings listed in the Expectations section will only be displayed on OwnerRez Hosted Websites and sent to Airbnb at this time as no other channels support them, including Vrbo. To include this information on other listing channels, add it to the end of your Override Property Description.

Several listing channels have detailed policies that outline host expectations.