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Update July 10, 2024


  • Channel Bridge v13.0 release - compatibility improvements and update to Manifest v3
    • Remove Channel Bridge rate push tools due to lack of Manifest v3 support
  • Add multi-language translation to new guest forms
  • Portal sidebar menu design updates
  • Add custom icons to icon selection (CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, Vrbo, Booking.com, OwnerRez)
  • Add option to schedule future payments automatically when collecting a payment
  • Add "Create Support Ticket" help menu option to contact helpdesk in-app with page context
  • Add more info to Bookings API v2
  • Add "Possible Airbnb Duplicates" area for some users to manage certain messaging threads first-hand
  • Simplify email address input fields on contact/guest and owner
  • Display Airbnb fees from refunds correctly
  • Enhance Global Landing Page Guest Form usability
  • Resolve an issue with property ordering in some widgets
  • Fix a time rendering issue with trigger tooltips
  • Fix issue where the BBACT merge field wasn't including card details when sent by a trigger
  • Resolve issue where SMS messages would sometimes not be shown in Communication History
  • Clean up menu quirks in Hosted Sites when using Blog