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Update June 19, 2024


  • Introducing Alerts as Push Notifications
  • Add Listing Site filter option to custom iCals
  • Add Amenity Filters setting on Availability/Property Search widgets and hosted websites
  • Implement Breezeway (Ops & Safety) partnership link
  • Implement "OwnerRez messaging threads" sandbox for partners (e.g., AI)
  • Fix disconnecting of a GVR listing with LQA errors present
  • Fix error on hosted site property page when property has no address
  • Fix error on property share widgets if no property URL is found
  • Adjust Vrbo Channel Bridge to handle payment schedule info better
  • Handle large BDC booking sync data
  • Handle credit payment data from channels
  • Provide more helpful errors for widgets that are set up incorrectly
  • Fix crash when updating Airbnb guest with missing last name
  • Fix crash on inquiries grid when sorting by "Read" column
  • Handle missing guest name on Airbnb thread after merge